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  • About Me

    Hi! I never know how to start these things so I guess I’ll just get right into it. My name is Julia and I’m 23 years old. If you’re seeing this it’s probably because I posted a link to it on Twitter. I’m not sure what the audience of this blog will be in the…

  • How do I be professional?

    My ongoing struggle navigating through different online spheres

  • Secretary: a true eye-opener

    This review first appeared on my Letterboxd account on August 3rd, 2017. A link to that is here. I am adding it to this blog as a sample of my work and because it’s one of the first honest pieces of film writing I was proud of. It’s rather informal- I have improved since then…

  • Is this thing on?

    So uh, hi. It’s been a while. About 2 months, actually. I don’t have an excuse for not updating this blog as much as I’d like to other than depression (Okay, that’s a pretty good excuse). I have really bad performance anxiety about anything I do so I end up doing nothing. And for some…

  • My Nargis anniversary

    November 6th, 2019 is a very important day in my life, so I thought I’d make this post to talk about what it means to me. November 6th is the day I first watched Mother India starring Nargis, a film that changed me forever for a number of reasons. In addition to introducing me to…

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