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Hi! I never know how to start these things so I guess I’ll just get right into it. My name is Julia and I’m 23 years old. If you’re seeing this it’s probably because I posted a link to it on Twitter. I’m not sure what the audience of this blog will be in the future but for now that’s where I feel comfortable sharing my thoughts. Back to me, where to even start? If you haven’t noticed, I’m kind of all over the place. I have ADHD which I speak extensively about (probably too much) and that means I am heavily interested in a lot of things. Those things include actresses first and foremost. My hyperfixations range from broad to very specific and you may have followed me from a show I completely dropped months ago. Right now I’m in a “writing” mode which does not happen too often. I’ve been meaning to post on this blog for about 2 years and just never got around to it. The URL is kind of dumb but I couldn’t come up with anything clever. It’s a nod to that one Billy Ray Cyrus tweet that went viral.

In the past few years I’ve become more aware of my thought process, but that has done little to help me manage it. Online-mainly on Twitter-I go through certain phases. Sometimes I’ll tweet about a TV show, music, or an actress but never at the same time. I have a one track mind, it’s hard to explain. Currently I am very interested in Bollywood and just film watching in general. I’ve become obsessed with my Letterboxd stats and I highly recommend that anyone who uses that site purchase the “pro” option so you can see yours. It’s only $10 for a year.

This was not supposed to be a Letterboxd ad or an explanation of my ADHD so I’ll cut to the chase. I tend to write a lot. It’s probably hard to believe from my tweets but in real life, I am very very introverted and barely ever speak. Something I guess is important to know about me is that I am a lesbian, but almost nobody in my life knows about it. My favorite actress is Nargis, my favorite show is either Downton Abbey or Westworld, and my favorite movie is Spirited Away. I don’t know how to end this because like me, this blog is a work in process. My posts will likely range from personal information, rants, reviews, and opinions on stuff pop culture related. My icon will probably change a lot, similar to how I change my layout constantly on Twitter. We’ll see how it goes. If you’re still reading this, thanks! See you around.

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